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tv   Democratic National Convention  CSPAN  July 25, 2016 7:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please
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welcome the clinton campaign chair. hello, democrats. i want to begin by saying thank you to all of you across the country who have volunteered your time, donated what you could, signed up at you have voted to make hillary clinton the nominee of the democratic party and this is your victory. to everyone who supported senator sanders, this is your victory, too. known bernie since i was a young staffer and he was mayor of burlington. he stood up to the special interest and thought to give working people -- fought to give people a fairer
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donald trump has different values. he built his career by ripping people off, skipping out on his bills through bankruptcy. divisive toous and trust to the white house. i am a fortunate grandson of italian immigrants with a blue-collar dad and a collar mom --pink-call her mom. mom.nk-collar i am working to elect a president who has the experience, vision to make progress in these turbulent times. that person is hillary clinton. whoary will be a president
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will take on powerful special-interest to make our economy works for everyone. she will be a champion for our children and families. with your hard work, we can build a better future for everyone. farm families and military families, the forgotten middle class, and those who have been left out and left behind, and immigrants, people like my family and yours who struggled to get here who built this country and who love america. that is who we are fighting for and that is to the selection is about and that is why sheep tim kaine as a running mate for -- that is why sheep tim kaine as kaine as aed tim running mate. we will succeed in making
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history and elect the first woman president of the united states. thank you. ♪ >> i do not want to sound too much like a chauvinist, when i come home and dinner is not ready, i go through the roof. ♪ >> congresswoman linda sanchez from california. ♪ >> good evening, everyone. it is great to be here with all of you. my name is linda sanchez and i have the honor of representing california's 38 congressional
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district. chairwoman of the the congressional hispanic caucus. are a diverse caucus and we bring an important perspective. we embody the promise of the american dream, that you can achieve success in our great country if you are willing to work hard enough for it. is made upc caucus of the six talented members who are veterans, attorneys, business owners, doctors, engineers. our caucus is growing and this november, we have the opportunity to elect outstanding hispanic candidates from across the country. we will elect a latina to the
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u.s. senate. i am proud of the hispanic caucus and the work we do every day to make our country stronger. take a look. ♪ >> what inspired me to run for congress is the situation along the border in california. there is a lot of need and i wanted to run a make a difference. >> when i worked as a 911 dispatcher, it pushed me into a life of politics i never thought i would ever be a part of. i went home and i said to my family, i will run for congress.
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opportunity to try to bring unity as much as i can in the committee's i serve on and in the congress of the united states. >> i ran for congress because i think it is important that congress look like america. >> it isn't because we bring -- it is important because we bring the flavor of latinos to congress. >> i have a responsibility to everybody and for certainly those people who are latinos. people take this into account. it is in print we come together as important -- and country come together and important not to forget anybody. >> it really is about representing your community and
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making sure your community has a point and a bout exhibiting leadership. >> millions of people still live in the shadows. we have to solve our immigration system. we have to make sure it works fairly for everyone. we have to ensure there is a path to legalization. >> this election is very important for the community. by being active and getting others to be active, we can make sure our voice is heard. >> make sure you get out to vote. take your family to vote. take your friends to vote. be the voice for those who do not have one. >> as latinos, we should be proud of the fact that many of our people have thought and
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given their lives to vote. >> i know how much she cares. in america, when we are together, we are stronger. >> hillary clinton is the best choice because she will move our country forward. next i know hillary to be a fighter. >> she has a lifelong relationship with the latino community. >> i have two daughters and my daughters are excited to finally have a woman president. they are excited to see the mold is changing. >> i encourage you to vote for secretary clinton. viva democratic party. >> she is a badass and ready to lead. [cheers and applause]
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>> we are here at this historic convention to nominate hillary clinton and tim kaine. i want to share a little bit of my story because it is an american story. it is the story of millions of latinos and latinas across this country. i'm the daughter of immigrant parents from mexico. they came to this country and worked hard every day to provide for me and my brothers and sisters. my father was an industrial mechanic and my mother became an elementary school teacher after raising a family. home, theyeir own sent all seven of their children to college.
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saved andand father sacrificed to achieve the american dream for our family. they were not given their success. they earned it. donald trump believes mexican immigrants are murderers and ratpists. about my parents, donald? let me tell you what my parents are. and are the only parents our nation's 265 year history to send two daughters to the united states congress. both my -- like my parents,
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hillary clinton believes the united states is a country where all backgrounds can make a better life. that america is not possible if we allow donald trump to build a wall that divides us. i stand here tonight as the chair of the congressional hispanic caucus and a proud congresswoman from california, but most importantly, i'm here as a mom. we all want what is best for our kids. we want our children to grow up to be healthy, successful, and kindhearted. our job is to nurture them and to be good role models for them to follow as they grow. i will be the first to tell you that being a parent is hard. donald trump is making it a whole lot harder. he has taken the low road time and time again. he has been vulgar and
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intolerant. keep those fear and insecurity fear.peddles what kind of example would be et for our children to allow a bully to sit in the oval office? our children are not born with racism and hate in their hearts. they learned from following the adults in their lives. too many of our children are learning the wrong lessons from donald trump. indiana basketball game where white students started chanting, build that wall." this is the behavior that donald trump inspires and argue.
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-- inspires in our youth. it would be a simple to our children that we condone this type of behavior. that is a message i refuse to accept. there are few moments in history that have an impact on the trajectory of the world. i believe this election is one of those moments. our children are watching us. their future depends on the outcome of this race. do we want a responsible leader or a loudmouth bully? do we want a president who respects women or who calls them names and you values them? -- and devalues them? vilifiest someone who immigrants? hillary clinton is the only choice for president. she is a president we can be proud of.
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and donald, let me say this. america is great. it is the country that gave my family the opportunity for a better life, just like all immigrants who came before them. it is because of our diversity that we are the enemy of the world. -- that we are the envy of the world. video,said in the hillary clinton is a badass and ready to lead. let's win in november.
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>> please welcome boston mayor marty walsh. ♪ >> good evening. good evening. thank you, massachusetts. thank you. delegates.g, my name is marty walsh and i am an alcoholic. on april 23, 1995, i hit rock bottom. i woke up with little memory of the night before and even less
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hope for the days to come. everybody was losing faith in me . everybody but my family and the labor movement. i followed my father into the trades when i was 18 years old. labor gave my immigrant family a chance and the community got the help me i needed and gave me a second chance. 18 years later, i became the mayor of boston, a city of big dreams and a big heart. as mayor, i worked to get everyone a fair shot. weather is apprenticeships, -- whether it is apprenticeships, free community college, or help starting a business. there is no doubt in my mind
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hillary clinton is the champion american workers need. she will help workers get the skills, the jobs, and the childcare they need to support strong families. america that is not just for those with advantages. she believes in america for those who need a helping hand, people struggling with addiction , moms working two jobs, students and a debt, senior struggling -- students in debt, senior struggling to retire, people like the carpenters and electricians donald trump hired and then refused to pay. we may not have their names -- our names in gold outside any building, that our sweat, and i ouon the inside -- and
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pride is on the inside of all of them. we are stronger together. this is our choice. are we going to let donald trump skip the working families sophie can make more for himself -- so he can make more for himself and the people at the top? or are we going to stick together and build an economy that works for everybody in america? i know where i stand. i stand with a man and women -- with the men and women of every race, creed, and color who built this country. i stand with hillary clinton's vision of america were everybody gets a fair shot and a second chance to achieve their dreams. that is the america i believe in. that is the america i have lived . that is why america's working people are going to elect hillary clinton our next
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president. thank you and god bless the united states of america. [cheers and applause] followingwelcome the american labor leaders. , president of the national education association, international president of the service employees international afl-cio.esident of >> good evening. i am proud to be here representing the 1.6 million .ublic service workers safe andur committee strong -- our community safe and
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strong, plowing roads and answering 911 calls. way, wey in every families -- we never quit putting families first. hillary clinton never quits either. she understands that collective bargaining rights strengthen all of us. we need a president who gets that and understand that busting unions and cutting services means families suffer. look at flint, michigan, is policies led directly to present drinking water -- where poisonous policies led directly oisoned drinking water. vegas at the
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week and theyst voted to form a union. but donald trump will not meet with them. surprise, i guess. how can you be a strong worker when you are famous for the catchphrase, you are fired? this is not reality television. this is reality. we need a serious minded leader who puts families first. not a thin-skinned bully who puts himself first. unstoppable champion versus an unstable charlatan. i know what side i am on. i am with her.
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elect hillary clinton the next president of the united states. applause]d democrats. i am the president of the afl-cio. great to be in philadelphia, april called uniontown -- a proud uniontown. working people built this stage and will now build a new era of shared prosperity. working people are strong and donald trump is wrong, wrong, wrong. listen, he thinks he is a tough
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guy. donald, i worked in the mines with tough guys. i know tough guys. donald, you are no tough guy. you are a phony. donald trump has repeatedly outsourced jobs to line his own pockets. he rooted for the housing collapse. he said wages are too high -- but repeatedly. donald trump is not the solution to america's problems. he is the problem. people, we have the solution. we are building a movement for a color life, no matter the of our skin, where we were born, for we love, or how we worship.
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answered ouron call. she is fighting to rewrite the economic rules for all of us. she has a bold plan to invest in manufacturing, infrastructure, and jobs. she opposes the job killing transpacific partnership. -- she willtect stand up to wall street and aght to finally secure equal -- equal work -- it will pay equal pay for it to work. democrats, get on your feet, change the rules. clinton thehillary next president of the united states.
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>> wow. spanish] here because i have the honor to be representing the 3 million educators that form the union of the national education association. story is not different from my students story. and myis an immigrant dad served in the army. my parents worked hard so their kids could have a chance to get ahead and they were so proud of me when i became a teacher. oury, too many students in classrooms feel like they will not get the same chance i got, especially those from immigrant families.
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they tell us they are afraid that their parents might be taken away, that they might be deported for not having the right piece of paper. hillary clinton believes in keeping families together. she believes in our dreamers. she believes that educators should be focused on education, not deportation. donald trump sees things differently. my mom says if you cannot say something nice about somebody, it you should at least make it funny. i cannot make this funny. donald trump sees immigrants as criminals, drug dealers ,rapists? he says he would round up families and up them and build a wall -- depart them and build
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the wall. we are better than that. hillary clinton does not want to divide people with walls or hate. she wants to build bridges to a better future for all of us. that is why america's educators are with her and why we will do everything in our power to build a bridge to a future where hillary clinton is the president of the united states of america. gracias. [cheers and applause] >> hello, sisters and brothers. i am mary kay henry and i am proud to stand here on behalf of 2 million members of service employers -- service employees international union. and the millions more who are fighting for a union. our movement will be an
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unstoppable force in the selection because the stakes could not be higher. we need a president who wants to ways -- raise wages in this country, not one that says wages are too high and there should not be a federal minimum wage. that is why we are working to andt hillary clinton champions up and down the ballot who will raise wages and health workers joined together in unions. hillary has spent time with workers who care for children and our seniors. lisbeth has been a homecare provider for 40 years. but she has to rely on food stamps and medicaid just to make ends meet. hillary clinton knows that is wrong and that is why hillary clinton is ready to raise wages
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for homecare providers and childcare providers and ensure they have a strong voice in quality care. linked to winning racial justice, environmental justice and immigrant justice. clintonelect hillary and the champions like her were going to put families first and stop the candidate of hatred and greed. brothers and sisters, i believe that we can win. you? [cheering] repeat after me. believe that we can win! >> i believe that we can win!
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>> thank you very much brothers and sisters. [cheering] >> good evening. i'm proud to be here in my hometown of philadelphia. and i'm even prouder to represent the 3 million members of the north american building trade union. members have helped of this great nation. the superbridge, the freedom to, irina we are in tonight. you name it, we build it. we are proud of our work. but with collapsed bridges, coming roads and stress energy systems, we noticed have time to rebuild our nation's infrastructure. building trade numbers are ready to do their part. hillary clinton has the boldest infrastructure plan we have seen in generations.
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she will help us repair roads and bridges and make broadband universal. build new airports and modernize the energy grid. she will do it all while creating good, fair paint jobs with standards that support real partnership programs which the building trades pioneer. so workers get the skills they need to succeed. let me be very clear, we cannot rebuild america unless we treat american workers with respect. [cheering] mated trump josie running that does not respect workers. as governor, mike pence gave corporations license to pay construction workers must by repealing the prevailing wage law that has been in place for eight years. indiana a bad deal for and a bad deal for america. that is why hardhats, all across america support hillary clinton, and honorary ironworker tim kaine. [cheering]
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and have our parks -- backs we have theirs. [cheering] let's get them elected. [cheering] >> brothers and sisters. i'm proud to be here representing the 1.6 million the ast.f the of -- aft.last week we saw a festival of fear. every day was full of hate. why? that trumps plan like many of his businesses are completely bankrupt. heald made millions while ripped off workers and small businesses with his unfair business practices. remember, he ended up bankrupting not one, not two,
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not three, but for of his companies -- but four of his companies. and his economic ideas will make millionaires like him richer at the expense of the middle class. university torump see how he operates. salespeople were told to exploit people's fears. and i quote, a single parent that may need money for food into useless high cost seminars. ,nstead of an education students lost thousands of dollars and got nothing in return. trump in a nutshell. manipulating people's fears to enrich himself. he is completely unqualified to be in the oval office. [cheering]
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thankfully, we have a different choice and it is a great one. hillary clinton. [cheering] she has worked her entire life to level the playing field for working families. that's us of public education from pre-k to college. universal early childhood education. she will read set education policies that focus on creating creativity and critical thinking, not too much testing. [cheering] and she will make public universities free for working families. a stark contrast from donald .rump's for profit scam heller is the most qualified candidate -- hillary is the most qualified candidate to run in my lifetime. the toys could not be clear. we must elect hillary clinton
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and tim kaine. thank you very much. [cheering] >> when i came picture new hampshire, the first time in this campaign, and heard about the heroin epidemic. >> the growing drug problem in the area. >> releasing fathers, brothers, sons, mothers. >> the numbers of people being affected. >> impacted by your own or someone else's use of impact, would you raise your hand? >> i do not know always run on me -- wrong with me until i was an addict. >> this problem touches
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everybody. my children suffer, my family suffered. grandmothers raising their grandchildren. all of my friends are raising their grandchildren. because of addiction. i think you are brave and loving. >> it is plaguing families. >> i don't want to go to more funerals. did not know if i wanted to do better. addiction have full control. >> i would not have know that if i had not been sitting in a little cafe listening to people tell me about what was breaking their hearts. and what they wanted their president to know. >> we need the voice of those who are using. that is the way in which we can make an impact. >> we can't walk away from the stories. these are our children, our friends, our neighbors. this is not something we can just brush under the rug. we could to drag it out of the
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shadows, need to hold it up to the light. >> everybody should feel that they are valued, cared about and they have a president who sees them. [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, these livengood from new hampshire. [cheering] >> hello. for my 50th birthday i got a two-year-old. you see my daughter and my boyfriend -- her boyfriend had a dutiful boy. they got caught up in jugs. -- drugs. it started with pain medication she was given after francis was born. and it just got worse. it is hard to point just how devastating it is to watch her
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child struggle with substance abuse. i know my daughter loves francis, but love is not enough to take care of him. i started getting calls from day, services and one grants us would be taken away from my family and put in foster care unless he had family who could take care of him. there was no way we were going to let our grandson and up in foster care. so francis lived with my husband john and i until he was five. he lives with his grandfather now on disability. when you are my age, you don't expect to start all over again raising a grandchild. today, my daughter is in treatment but she has a long road ahead of her. my story is not unique. this epidemic has devastated communities all over the country , it does not discriminate against age, race, gender or income. it affects all of us.
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but sometimes it feels like folks in washington don't hear the stories. last year, hillary clinton came to new hampshire for a roundtable at my workplace and she asked if addiction had touched any of us. as i told my story, hillary listened. she even took notes. and she did something else we don't see a lot of in washington, she took action. she came up with a plan, one that includes everything from reducing overdoses to expanding aspects student -- access to treatment. that is the kind of leader we need. we need a leader who listens to the voices of ordinary americans , a leader who treats people with compassion and respect. a leader who believes that as americans, we look out for each other. i'm not saying that leader has to be a grandmother, but it sure helps.
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for me, that leaders who are clinton. [cheering] leader is hillary clinton. [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome senator jeanne shaheen from new hampshire. >> thank you, delegates. [cheering] good foru pam liven sharing your family story here today. i applaud your courage. democrats stand with you, your family and all families struggling with addiction. and president hillary clinton will stand with you and we will win this fight together. [cheering]
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the opioids and heroin epidemic is ravaging communities all across this country. is a crisis that affects old and young, rich and poor, men and women, democrats and republicans. and it will take all of us working together to defeat it. across my home state of new hampshire, the awful toll grows each year. and 2013, 326 counties in 2014. -- fatalities in 2014. 433 fatalities in 2015. a story of as tell staggering epidemic. but statistics cannot fully
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capture the profound human toll. it is not only thousands of individual lives that have been destroyed, entire communities are being devastated. hillary clinton to the epidemic and his terrific toll because she came to new hampshire, not to talk, but to listen. and she heard stories like pam's . stories like the one i recently heard about a young man full of promise, on his way to college when he suffered a sports injury. got addicted to painkillers, switch to heroin and now instead of living on the freshman claude, -- quad, he is living on the street and handling. areary heard how attics being turned away from treatment facilities due to a lack of resources. and hillary heard from one enforcement -- law enforcement.
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she knows that drug counselors and police officers and the other incredible people on the front lines are heroes. they are doing amazing work, but they need our help. americans died0 from drug overdoses in 2014. hillary clinton knows we cannot continue on this path. she knows because during this campaign she listened and new hampshire and across the country. she listened, she learned and she put together a plan to treat this like the health emergency that it is. and to deploy the necessary resources to fight it. her plan would infest and some simple goals. empower communities to prevent drug use among teenagers. and every person suffering from addiction can obtain
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comprehensive treatment. ensure that all first responders carry narcans which can stop overdoses from becoming fatal. and prioritize treatment over prison for low-level and nonviolent drug offenses. we can end the era of mass incarceration. [cheering] year, i've put forth an emergency spending bill to pay for policing, prevention and treatment. sadly, it was defeated by republicans. donald trump certainly doesn't have a plan to deal with this health and endemic -- epidemic. donald trump does not seem to know what is happening outside of trump tower. and he seems completely uninterested in finding out. how can donald trump represent
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america when he does not even take the time to know america? [cheering] we need a president who listens, who learns, who has empathy and who wants the same opportunities for all children that she has had. america where we go for together. we need president hillary clinton. [cheering]
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>> please welcome demi lovato. [cheering] >> like millions of americans, i'm living with mental illness. but i'm lucky, i have the resources and support to get treatment at a top facility. unfortunately, too many americans from all walks of life don't get help. either because they fear the stigma or cannot afford treatment. illness canntal lead to devastating consequences, including suicide, substance abuse and long-term medical issues. we can do better. everyone of us can make a difference. by getting educated on this epidemic and his frightening statistics and by breaking the stigma, i urge every politician to support laws that will provide access to better health care and support for everyone. [cheering]
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this is not about politics, it is simply the right thing to do. i'm doing my very small part by having the treatment center that saw mr. my recovery on tour with at least a soccer but people, even for a brief moment can have the same support that i received. it may not be a lot, but we have to believe every small action counts. i stand here today as proof that you can live a normal and empowered life with mental illness. i'm proud to support a presidential candidate will fight to ensure all people living with mental health conditions get the care they need to lead civilian lives. that candidate is hillary clinton. [cheering] let's make her the next president of the united states of america. [cheering]
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♪ ♪
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[cheering] >> rising seas and other climate change impacts are endangering one of the nation's most iconic landscapes. the florida everglades. and bring increasing risks to the state's $82 billion tourism economy in this national treasure which is a major part of the ecosystem. and thees national park portuguese keys are the epicenter to the world's largest seagrass meadow and home to the
7:53 pm
largest mangrove course in america. both demand grows and seagrass are some of the most important things for atmospheric carbon on the planet. >> one of our nation's greatest national treasures, the everglades. >> the obama demonstration has invested $2.2 billion in restoration efforts in addition to protecting the primary source of drinking water for more than one third of florida's population. these efforts are helping to ensure that the florida everglades, a major driver of the local economy is resilient to effects of climate change. changeects of climate can no longer be denied or ignored. last year was the planets warmest recorded in 14 of the last 15 hottest years on record have happened the century. all over the country, americans are already facing devastating impact. from severe threats -- floods to severe heat. they impact the economy, public
7:54 pm
health and national security threats. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome center jeff merkley from oregon. jeff merkley from oregon. [cheering] hello, philadelphia! and hello, oregon! [cheering] wasn't demi lovato great? [cheering] i'm from a small town in southern oregon. i was the first in my family to go to college, i lived in the same blue-collar community i grew up in. and my children go to the same public schools i with -- i did. here's the truth. donald trump got rich by taking advantage of americans like the hard-working oregonians and my
7:55 pm
community back home. overseas, product hiring foreign workers instead of americans for jobs that are right here in the united states. to gain small business contractor's, never paying them what he owed. and scamming people out of their -- through his fraudulent university. where i come from, people like donald trump are not the problem, -- not the solution, they are the problem. lastly, in cleveland, donald trump claims he is a champion for american workers. but he has never woken up and a day in his life worrying about american workers. he is no more a champion for american workers been a line is a champion for gazelle. lion is a champion for gazelle.
7:56 pm
i hear the frustrations of people back home to watch billionaires get richer while they struggle to find a job. struggle to send their kids to college, struggle to make their own rent or mortgage. our response to these real challenges should not be to little,o bully, to be but to rise to the moment with real solutions. we know in a norm is that to bernie sanders thinking of solutions. [cheering] bernie sanders inspired us to reach for both solutions we challenge and face. bernie was a camping on progressive issues, his willingness to stand up to the powers that be have galvanized a grassroots movement that is here tonight and will continue long after november and we needed to
7:57 pm
continue long after november. [cheering] and now, together, working together, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have forged the most aggressive form in our party's history. [cheering] , we have totogether join the fight for tuition free college for working americans. [cheering] energy to save our planet from climate change. [cheering] we need to fight together to overcome citizens united. [cheering] together forght passage of the quality act -- equality act for lgbtq
7:58 pm
americans. [cheering] we need to fight together with bernie and hillary to and profiling and mastech restoration from communities of incarceration for our communities of color. [cheering] and we need to fight for trade policies that put american workers versed, -- first, which means we must say no to fast trade deals and that includes the tpp. [cheering] fighter, together we must , by, and forent of the people.
7:59 pm
not a government for the powerful. not a government for the privileged, but a government for the people. that is exactly what we are going to do when we follow the vision of bernie sanders and ,illary clinton and elect her hillary clinton and tim kaine in november. [cheering] we must be united in this battle. whether you spend this year feeling the burn or you felt this year ready for hillary, all of us are ready for an america that rejects discrimination and embraces diversity. that celebrates both for empowerment, not voter suppression. that creates opportunities for all of us, not just the lucky few. let's work together as bernie and hillary have to make sure that next january, on the steps
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of the capitol, it is hillary clinton that we are celebrating to become the next president of the united states of america. thank you so much and god bless you a good night. [cheering] ♪
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[applause] i would do everything i can
8:03 pm
so you do not have to be scared. you don't have to worry about someone in your family, your strong and brave. you have to be brave for them also. they want you to be happy, they want you to be successful. let me do the worrying. that a deal? i will do everything i can to help. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please carla and francisca ort iz from the battle. -- nevada. [cheering] >> thank you very much for
8:04 pm
coming here today. i really appreciate it. today, i'm going to tell you a story about my parents about the deportation and immigration. on the daughter of immigrant parents. valiente, brave. that is what hillary clinton called me when i told her i was worried my family would be deported. even when i was little, my parents were always trying -- crying, but i did not know why. soy americana. [cheering] i was born in las vegas, nevada. my parents came here looking for a better life for the american dream.
8:05 pm
on most days, i'm scared. i'm scared that at any moment, forcedand my dad will be to leave and i wonder, what if i come home and find it empty? i want to find -- i want my parents to see me doing science experiments and help me find my their rocks. i want to grow up to be a lawyer so i can help other families like us. [cheering] i have hope. esperanza. hillary clinton told me she would do everything to could to help us. i don't have to do the worrying because she would do the worrying for me and all of us.
8:06 pm
[cheering] she wants me to have the worries of an 11-year-old, not the weight of the world on my shoulders. [cheering] >> valiente. los padres que trabajan duros laa nuestros hijos -- esperanza, el sistema de migracion, necesita ser mejor para la familia juntos y poder
8:07 pm
americano. sueno [cheering] que hillary luchara sueno sotros y por el americana. hillary clinton for president. [cheering] you! [cheering] >> i will bring people together. somenald trump is facing
8:08 pm
backlash of the star of david retweeted by trauma for neo-nazis. anti-semi-state >> will you condemn david duke? >> i don't know anything about white supremacy. >> when mexico sends its people, they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists. you're going to have a deportation. >> if you are saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> i don't think so at all. we are building a wall. he is a mexican. donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. muslim?ld say are you pocahontas to think about. >> donald trump has got me on the lines of a lot of groups. a consistent pattern with donald trump. >> he remains the most divisive person in this race.
8:09 pm
[cheering] ladies and gentlemen, please astrid silva from nevada. [cheering] when i was four years old, my mother and i climbed into a raft and we crossed the river to join my father in america. in search of a better life. all i had was a little dull. -- dol i grew up like an ordinaryl. earl. my dad was a landscaper and my mom stayed at home. while my friends and ordinary things, i could not. because my parents were afraid that someone might discover i was undocumented. my family believed so deeply in
8:10 pm
the promise of this country that we risked everything for the american dream. as an undocumented student, i felt like college was out of reach. journey attenders, i finally graduated from nevada state college. [cheering] i are here because of people like senator harry reid. [cheering] abuelito who put themselves in our shoes and helped us. obama'se president immigration act of protected me, we live in constant. that my parents could be taken away from their grandson. when donald trump talks about deporting 11 million people, he is talking about ripping families apart, separating families like mine and carlos,
8:11 pm
hillary clinton understands that this is not who we are as a country. childrenen her comfort like carla who are scared that they might lose their parents to deportation. will fight to keep her village together. -- our families together. nuestra familia. i know she will. [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, please luisme representative gutierrez from illinois. [cheering] >> thank you. hello, philadelphia. [cheering] parents grew up in puerto
8:12 pm
rico. [cheering] they were not educated. they do not ". but they did not have a winter coat. i wasame to the u.s. when born and i was born in chicago. [cheering] my parents were born american seasons, but when they moved along with half a million other puerto ricans in the 1950's, they were greeted with scorn and determination. politicians call them criminals. they said my parents were dangerous it would ruin the country. sound familiar to you tonight? [cheering]
8:13 pm
nobody spoke up against the bigotry and hatred my parents into word. so you better believe i'm using my voice against the discrimination here today. -- we hear today. [cheering] i will raise my voice against the bigot who speaks about a judge born in indiana who can do his job because his parents were born in mexico. [cheering] againstaise my voice the bully who calls hard-working immigrants criminals and rapists. [cheering] upeone who promises to round and deport families, millions of families and then put up a wall between them and us. >> boo! >> join me in that fight and so has hillary clinton. [cheering]
8:14 pm
she stands with us so that americans remain a welcoming nation. we don't discriminate because of what you look like, who you love, how you pray, what language your parents speak or where you were born. [cheering] clear, my parents, when they came from puerto rico were not the only ones to confront discrimination. every generation of newcomers, whoever and wherever they come from, latin america, europe, africa, asia, the middle east, they are met with skepticism and suspicion. every generation proves the skeptics wrong. immigrants contribute to our communities and make america a great nation. [cheering]
8:15 pm
immigrants died dividing our democracy. what, they give a founding principle meaning in our times. every time immigrants are m,beled as democrats, -- the they become part of us, we the people. about 11 million undocumented immigrants live, work, pay taxes and raise their families in the united states of america. a lot of their families, include u.s. citizens just like me. listen, no matter what your a fairtree looks like, immigration system is better for all of america. [cheering] what they say, it is simply a fantasy that we are going to round up and deport 11 million people.
8:16 pm
it is a sick, hateful fantasy. hope, type what gives me hillary clinton dream for america where immigrants are allowed to come out of the shadow, get right with the law, pay their taxes and not feel fear as their families are going to depart. -- be ripped apart. [cheering] when hillary clinton steps to this podium to accept the nomination, we will all take a giant step forward. the broad and diverse america that fights for an inclusive and unionation, our using -- of black and brown, white and african, asian people, who love the earth and know that climate change is real and value education, we will all step up to the podium with her. [cheering]
8:17 pm
listen, we continue the work of andheroes like john lewis dr. luther -- martin luther king. [cheering] to allow me to have the ability to speak from this podium. andight for equal rights workers rights, we believe that women deserve equal pay for equal work in this country. [cheering] and we will not stand idly by because we believe congress has to keep their hands off planned parenthood. [cheering] that peopleve should love who they love and marry who they want to marry in the united states of america. [cheering]
8:18 pm
we believe that when you send your children to school, or young people are having fun at a nightclub, or you walk a beat as a police officer and walked down the street in your name in chicago, you should not fear being shot. we will take on the nra as hillary clinton is president of the united states. [cheering] yes, we believe in the country where this son of uneducated can speak to this nation on this podium in the city where the united states was born. [cheering] juntos con hillary clinton como
8:19 pm
nacionnta sera la mejor y mas fuerte. with hillary clinton, our nation will be better and stronger. si se puede! >>si se puede! si se puede! si se puede! [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, please and sharonon collins. >> thank you. i'm sure collins. alongside my kind and brilliant wife elsa. we have three children that are raised here in america. i want my kids to know that
8:20 pm
anything is possible here. anynt them to know that more than a star athlete, president of the united states is a role model to millions of children. when it comes to donald trump, how do you tell your kids not to be a bully that the president is one? [cheering] how do you tell your kids to respect their heritage if their president disparages them. tell your daughter if they are empowered if their president reduces women to their physical of. ? my parents, my family, and all the great coaches i've had in my life have taught me the importance of working hard, playing fair and most important, the ability to lead and bring people together to college great things -- accomplish great things. that sounds like hillary clinton
8:21 pm
to me. [cheering] it is with great pride that introduced the first public like a athlete to play in any of the four major american sports, my less handsome twin brother, jason collins. [cheering] >> thank you. i will get you back for that one later. my dream was to play in the nba and live my authentic life as a proud gay man at the same time. [cheering] accomplish both of those goals because of the people who have supported me throughout my life. before i came out, to the world on the cover of sports illustrate it, i cannot clintony for the family. i have known the family for almost 20 years. i knew that they would accept me for who i was and that they
8:22 pm
would help pay the past or others to do the same. path for others to do the same. i'm grateful for their words of wisdom and their unconditional support. they knew that my sexual orientation may a difference in my ability to play basketball. [cheering] just as someone's gender makes no difference in his or her ability to meet our nation -- lead our nation. [cheering] hillary has defended the lgbtq community for years from cosponsoring the matthew shepard hate crime prevention act to helping pass the first ever u.n. resolution on lgbtq human rights and to making sure that transgender individual passports could reflect a true gender. [cheering] as both an african-american and community, the lgbtq
8:23 pm
the choice for continued progress is clear. we must elect hillary clinton as our next president. thank you. [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome jesse lipson from rally, north carolina -- raleigh, north carolina. >> i don't know about you, but donald trump's acceptance speech left me with a lot of questions. for example, where is this losing country he keeps talking about? the american i live in, the north carolina i live in is a
8:24 pm
creative engine where the innovative spirit is alive and well. alle nearly we all have -- new jobs are greeted by startups. you can still make something from nothing like i did. i taught myself how to build software on nights and weekends. when i was 26, i started my company with $100 in advertising. today, we are in more than 100 countries and we have created a hundred jobs and rally -- in raleigh. [cheering] donna, i'm also a businessman. -- donald, i'm also a businessman. you build skyscrapers, i build in the cloud. it is clear that you do not understand something simple about business. nothing scares away investment like kate. -- hate.
8:25 pm
[cheering] discussing laws like north carolina's attack on lgbt americans are caused in my state -- costing my state hundreds of millions of dollars. a cause of the nba all-star game and it is also costing us talented programmers who are ready to build the future. i have seen venture capitalists who refuse to invest in our state. republicans may think they are telling people which bathroom to go into, but they're actually telling people which market to stay out of. [cheering] when i travel abroad, i hear people talking about legalizing -- legalize determination in america. bigotry does not just hurt my state, it hurts our entire country. carolina,just north in indiana, mike pence approved
8:26 pm
discrimination against lgbt americans. >> boo! >> i guess you could say that the tree has created one job -- bigotry has graded one job, the position of donald trump's running mate. clinton is that every great ceo knows. we are stronger together. that is why she supports a federal law affecting workers in the workplace. no matter who they love or who they are. she will cut taxes and regulations for startups and small businesses so that they can hire and grow. breakthrought in technologies of the industry and jobs of the future are created here in america. [cheering] she will help lift the burden of college debt so young people can take their dreams.
8:27 pm
[cheering] i tell my employs all the time, focus on solutions, not problem. all donald trump offers are problems. he offers real solutions. america, there is no question that hillary clinton must be our next president. [cheering] thank you. [cheering] >> lgbt americans are our colleagues, teachers, soldiers, friends, our loved ones. they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship. to deny opportunity to any of
8:28 pm
our daughters and sons, solely on the basis of who they are and who they love is to deny them the chance to live up to their own god-given potential. from stonewall to laramie and now orlando, we have seen too many examples of how the struggle to live freely, openly and without fear has been met by violence. we have to stand together, be proud together, there is no better rebuke to the terrorists and all those who hate. the stakes in this election are high. i think about all those millions of worries large and small that same-sex parents and lgbt americans think about every day. i'm going to keep as i have throughout my life fighting for you, he writes, your children and your futures. proud to be fighting right alongside you. [cheering]
8:29 pm
ladies and gentlemen, please welcome state senator pat spearman from nevada. [cheering] >> good evening, democrats. [cheering] minister, an, a african-american and i'm a proud lgbtq community. when i joined our military in 1977, i lived in fear of being discharged. of theay, lgbtq members military concert openly and proudly. -- can serve openly and proudly. [cheering] state was elected to the
8:30 pm
legislature in 2012, i was one of only two who were openly gay and today i am one of five. [cheering] when nevada started recognizing same-sex marriage in 2014, we were one of 26 states. marriage, mary g -- equality is nationwide. that is progress. [cheering] we can't stop now. heard donald trump say that he would protect the lgbtq community. but he is against marriage equality and has said he is all for overturning it. >> boo! >> donald trump says that anyone can use any bathroom and trump supports he still
8:31 pm
heinous, bathroom bills and he would strip away the rights of transgender americans. >> boo! >> but his worst attack on us was his vice presidential pick. indiana governor mike pence. >> boo! son-in-law pence that let individuals and businesses and i services to lgbtq americans and he used religion as a weapon to discriminate. millions ofe lost dollars as a result. as a lesbian, that hurts me. , thaterson of faith offends me. as a legislator working hard to create jobs, that baffles me. [cheering]
8:32 pm
no batter the -- the matter the cost of the country, donald trump and mike pence will strip away the progress we have bought so hard to win. why? because they fear diversity. we celebrated. they fear progress, we build on it. they fear in quality, we will keep fighting for it. equality, we will keep fighting for it. democrats, are we going to retreat? >> no! >> will we keep walking forward? >> yes! >> hillary clinton's battle tested and she will fight inngside us for inequality our schools, communicate, workplaces and our nation. she will make the equality act legally and make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of who
8:33 pm
you love, who you are, wherever you are or where ever you work once and for all. [cheering] election, this election, make no mistake about it will not be easy. i know that we are ready. in the words of the old negro spiritual, let's walk together democrats, don't get weary, let's work together democrats, don't get weary, let's talk together democrats, don't get weary. meeting in thet promised land of equality. thank you and god bless you all. [cheering] >> i once jumped they get out of
8:34 pm
a car in a movie. >> donald trump is a complete -- >> we used to have made in the usa. when was the last time you saw it? >> made stuff right here. >> he did not do that. all kinds of trump stuff, hotels, suits, ties. >> furniture. >> look at this shirt. made in good old bangladesh. from time, china. mexico. china! trump vodka? >> netherlands. >> holy moly!
8:35 pm
>> i'm sorry. >> comes. come down for america. so often, donald trump says he will bring back jobs to america when he himself made millions outsourcing his own donald trump stuff to be made everywhere else? >> that is a pretty astute observation. when is he going to jump out of the car naked? >> we are not having this conversation. [cheering] ladies and gentlemen, please welcome senator bob casey on pennsylvania -- from
8:36 pm
pennsylvania. [cheering] philadelphia. the place where american independence began and where our constitution was born. penn,the time of william pennsylvania has been a commonwealth of creators and makers, builders who invent the future. my father, governor kasich believed that we must never forget that the sweat and blood of working men and women who pennsylvaniads -- for its the industrial revolution in our country and our produced the world. -- out produced the world. years, the hillary clinton understands this. she will work every day to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. but what about donald trump? donald says he stands for
8:37 pm
workers and he will put america first, but that is not how he has conducted himself in business. tremendous trump product made? drescher, bangladesh. furniture, turkey. at friends, india. wineglasses, flaminia. net ties, china. china. why would donald trump make products in every corner of the world but not out to not, -- philadelphia? [cheering] this is what he says. always ang is not terrible thing. wages in america are too high. then he complained about companies moving jobs overseas because we don't make things any more. really? tell that to the union workers at canonsburg to make pots and
8:38 pm
pans that in many of our kitchens. [cheering] tell that to the employees of hatfield who create toys that teach our children about engineering and architecture. tell that to the robotic student at carnegie mellon were building 21st century robots and cars that drive themselves. [cheering] trump has not made anything except a book on the back of working people. if he is a champion of working people, on the starting center for the 76ers. [cheering] americawho once to make great does not make anything in america. it is insulting that he has no plan, no plan to support the men and women were manufactured products here at home. all he has are empty promises
8:39 pm
like so many he has made and failed to follow through on big .if -- before you believe that outsourcing has been good for working people, and has raised incomes for the middle class, then you should vote for donald trump. i'm putting for hillary clinton. [cheering] hillary believes we need an economy that works for everyone, not just donald trump and those at the top. we need to commit ourselves to making good paint jobs here at home so that everyone who works hard can stay there. that is when our first 100 days in office, president clinton will put forward the largest investment in good paint jobs since world war ii. since world war ii. he will reward businesses that share profits with their employees. she will slap a new x attack --
8:40 pm
punishes countries that move overseas. he will strengthen the economy by investing $10 billion in new advanced manufacturing jobs that can't be sent overseas. this november, we have a choice. candidate was the only out for themselves, who want to get rid of the federal minimum wage and he would cut taxes for the richest americans at the expense of the middle class. or you can choose hillary clinton, a leader with a proven track record of fighting for an economy that works for all of us. if you are for her like i am, sign up and volunteer at the thank you. [cheering] ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to loot from
8:41 pm
chillicothe, ohio. [cheering] >> hello, ohio! [cheering] i'm proud to serve the great people of historic chillicothe. ohio's first capital. and i'm proud to be one of the many ohioans supporting hillary clinton. [cheering] when i think about the stake this november, i think about a woman from our hometown named courtney lewis. her dad worked at the local paper mill.
8:42 pm
she did of opening her own bill for her and her city. she did not like the fancy building downtown. she wanted to do her part. so, she moved into a vacant storefront and with two partners, started a local gift shop. later, it is a small towns or and it is not the only one. chillicothe is on the rise. appalachia is on the rise. is thanks to small business owners like courtney. i tell courtney story tonight not because it is unique, but it is because it is not. all across the country, thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners are equally ready to draw growth in the community, all they need is a chance. the last thing ohioans need is a president who has crushed small
8:43 pm
businesses by not paying them for the work they did. needs is donald trump. [cheering] hillary's dad was a small business owner. she gets it. america worksthat best when it works for everyone. and she has a plan. to make it entrepreneurs have all the tools they need to succeed. less red tape, more active capital like bigger businesses have. a more even playing field. and a wider path to prosperity, for all of us. mayors of small towns across the country needed president who will be a friend to small business, who will be a partner in our research and. hillary knows american success stories start in places like chillicothe. that is why we are with her. that is why chillicothe is with
8:44 pm
her. that is why ohio is with her. [cheering] we are with her because she is with us. and that is why we're going to send hillary clinton to the white house this november. [cheering] thank you. [cheering] >> the women get a better than we do. they get a better than we do. what is your position on equal pay for women? too early in the morning to ask that question. >> putting and wife to work is a
8:45 pm
very dangerous thing. pregnancy is a wonderful thing for the woman, a wonderful thing for the husband, it is an inconvenience for a business. all i was requesting was a break that everyone had agreed to during lunch hour so that i could excuse myself and put my baby food in the privacy of the room. >> i may have said that is disgusting or something else. i thought it was terrible. she is a horrible person. we can cyclically correct, that the look does not matter. you would not have your job if you are not beautiful. >> his policies are very backwards. >> someone you would vote for? >> no. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome senator houston
8:46 pm
gillibrand from new york. [cheering] >> some people know me as a united states senator from new york. [cheering] but during school drop-off and pickup, i'm better known as the l in henry's mom. henry's will. havee fortunate to flexible the, but some days we still barely keep it together. the vast majority of working parents have it much tougher.
8:47 pm
they are struggling with too little time, too little money and too little support. in washington has not caught up to their reality. look almostay nothing like they did a generation ago. eight in 10 moms work outside the home. four in 10 moms are the primary or sole red winter and many are and many arer single. thanks to marriage of quality, more children grow up with two moms are two guys. [cheering] yet today, our policies are stuck in the mad men era. only industrialized nation that does not have guarantee workers paid family leave. a paidmen can't even get day off to give birth. most parents work outside the home.
8:48 pm
yet childcare can cost as much as college tuition. families rely on women income but we still don't have equal pay for equal work. this makes no sense. because we know that when families are strong, america strong. hillary clinton gets it. not just because she is a grandmother,and but because for her it is about her core values. the idea we have that we have a ,esponsibility to one another it is about who we are as a nation. school, sheter law could have gone to a fancy law firm, but she chose to work at the children fund where she advocated for children with disabilities.
8:49 pm
it is why as america's first lady, she helped create a health insurance program for children so that 8 million kids could get the care they need. why as secretary of state, she helped women and children to escape violence and poverty, to attend schools, support their families and reinvest in their community. it is why, as president of the united states, she will bring our work is policies out of the dark ages and always put families first. [cheering] see, hillary clinton's life, her life work has been defined by one question. how can we help those who need it the most? donald trump has been defined by
8:50 pm
a very different question. how can i help myself the most? donald trump actually stood on a debate stage and said that wages are too high. hillary knows that in the richest country of the world, it is unacceptable that a mom with two kids working full-time still lives in poverty. [cheering] willd trump says that it come to paid family, you have to be careful of it. hillary knows that it is long past time to have guaranteed paid family leave. [cheering] things that women should just work harder because, and i'm quoting, you are going to make the same if you do as good of a job. every woman in america knows
8:51 pm
that is not true. believes women deserve equal pay for equal work. [cheering] electione in this could not be clearer. if you believe in the values that have always made us great, if you believe in keeping america great, then support hillary clinton. thank you and god bless this great nation. [cheering] >> please welcome united state senator al franken from minnesota. >> hello, everybody.
8:52 pm
[cheering] save it for the end. [cheering] i'm al franken. [cheering] from minnesota. [cheering] and world-renowned expert on right-wing megalomaniacs. [cheering] limbaugh, bill o'reilly, and now donald trump. a little about my qualifications, i got my doctorate in megalomania studies from trump university. [laughter] sure, i had to empty out my
8:53 pm
401(k) and take a reverse mortgage on my house to pay tuition, but mr. trump, or rather some people who say they once met him, convinced me that it was worth it. and frankly, as a proud alum of trump university, i think we may be underestimating donald trump. he scanned the loss of people, what did you know that trump university school of grouping people off his right nation -- second in the nation? right behind bernie madoff university. [laughter] that is no mean the. -- feat. trump university is about more than just milking people. although trust me, you will get
8:54 pm
.ilked it is also about learning directly from success experts. bai,scottdale -- scott mike tyson, and of course a lifetime -- life-size cardboard cutout of mr. trump himself. come would not be donald trump without his is the school. -- business school. their breakups the program -- bankrupt the program is known throughout the real estate community for its creativity. the most popular course, bankruptcy 101, how to leave your partners holding the bag. it is taught by the cardboard cutout himself. the pride of trump university, of course, is his library. located on a shelf and a closet
8:55 pm
on the third floor of trump tower. all of donald trump's best sellers are available for sale at a special rate, for students which is 10% higher than the retail price. trump's donald enormous, dare i say huuuge success as a businessman qualifies him to be president and if you believe that, i have some delicious trump steaks to sell you. [cheering] seriousness, i think rather than voting for someone who has never done anything for anyone other than himself, maybe we should go with a candidate who spent her entire life working to get important things done to the american people. [cheering]
8:56 pm
for almost allary quarter-century. i've never met anyone smarter, tougher or more ready to lead us forward. [cheering] call hillary clinton my friend and i can't wait to call her madam president. [cheering] now, we are going to have a lot of fun this week. we will have a lot of fun. when we wake up monday morning, there will be just 102 days left
8:57 pm
until the election and what you, all of you, what you do in those 102 days to determine who wins. and i mean that literally. i won my first race for senate by 312 votes. where is my minnesota delegation? [cheering] there are people up there who contacted more than 312 people themselves and literally i would not be here. reason i'm giving the speech here and not into my bathroom mirror. [cheering] pauliends, my friend
8:58 pm
wellstone -- [cheering] my friend used to say that the future belongs to those who are passionate and work hard. passion, butabout starting friday morning, it is all about work, hard work. [cheering] jobs, many ofve you have family. ignore them. [cheering] at me tell you some become kids love it when their parents are not home. else, tell you something an eight-year-old kid knows how
8:59 pm
to use a microwave oven. and let me tell you something else, an eight-year-old kid can teach a four-year-old kid to use a microwave onion. -- robin. it is scientific fact. about your kids, they will be fine. you have work to do. bones,those funds, -- talk on the doors. tell them al franken century. sent you. thank you. [cheering] ♪
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